MotherSucker Hand Dredge

MotherSuckerProspector500-2MADE IN CANADA!

Times are changing, and the price of gold is rising.  However, as more and more people take to the streams and rivers, they are quickly followed by an ever increasing number of rules and regulations for preserving our natural spaces.

In many areas of the world, it is no longer acceptable to use mechanical gas driven machinery in these area’s due to the pollution factor and the disruption of the natural habitat for fish and wildlife, even if you have a legal claim and miners license, you are still limited with what you can use, and how you can use it.  Paperwork is complicated and permits take a long time having to jump the environmental, fisheries and conservation hoops.  Then, there is the potential of having to pay thousands of dollars as a deposit to ensure you do a proper reclamation on your work site.

We developed the MotherSucker Hand Dredge to fall into the category of a simple hand tool, and into the realm of the small or recreational placer miner.  It is completely non-polluting and does not cause anymore of a disruption of the environment than a simple shovel.  Yet, it harnesses the power of suction to easily vacuum up pay dirt from the bottom of rivers, creeks and streams and deposit it into a bucket for further processing, with simple and cheap “Hand Power“.

Why pay $250 or more for 2 units, which also means more equipment to haul around?  The MotherSucker SniperMotherSucker is a true –  2 ‘n’ 1 Hand Dredge – and is capable of operating in 2 different modes. The above picture shows this unit in the full “Prospector” mode, here it’s being shown in the “Sniper” mode. The “Sniper” mode is meant for sucking out submerged bedrock cracks and potholes or other hard to reach places, but it can quickly be converted to the it’s “Prospector” mode by removing the sniper tip, adding the valved head (see insert) and attaching to a remote bucket via a 1 1/2″ flex hose and our original “Bucket Sleeve” to capture the material for later processing.

Our “Bucket Sleeve“, by the way, makes it easy to switch buckets without having to disconnect.  Simply slip the sleeve (with the hose attached) into an empty 20L ( 5 gal ) bucket and commence filling it up. Once full, pull the sleeve, and slip it into an empty bucket and so on for processing later.

The video we have on the sidebar will show you the components of this unit, and how it all goes together plus will touch on how to take care of it.

Here is a recent youtube video produced by Jeff Williams on the MotherSucker – “come on – Let’s Go!!”…………..